Directed Workplace Meetings




Directed Workplace Meetings

It is important to know that your employer can direct you to attend a workplace meeting. These directions are ordinarily both lawful and reasonable and any failure to comply may result in penalties for serious misconduct.

What is serious misconduct?

Serious misconduct is conduct that is wilful or deliberate and that is inconsistent with the continuation of the employment contract. This can include refusal to carry out a lawful and reasonable instruction that is consistent with your employment contract (such as attending a directed workplace meeting).

Penalties for serious misconduct?

If you have committed serious misconduct you risk being immediately dismissed with no notice.

What if I have been directed to attend a meeting and I am unwell?

Understandably, this situation has been incredibly stressful. With some employers providing less than a day to prepare for a meeting or threatening termination, we have seen a decline in our member’s health. Some of you have confided in us and expressed the negative effects this has had on your health.

If you have been directed to attend a meeting and your health prevents you from attending or participating, you must supply your employer with a valid medical certificate stating this.

If you obtain a medical certificate for work-related purposes, it must contain required details so a reasonable person will be aware that you are genuinely unwell or unfit for work and/or work-related matters.

You cannot obtain a medical certificate dishonestly.

We can assist you on how to respond to your employer, and advise you on what to say to your employer, but we cannot - and will not - instruct or advise you to obtain a medical certificate dishonestly.

At the earliest chance you get, you should inform your representatives with an attached copy of your medical certificate so they can advise your employer that your health is currently preventing you from attending a directed meeting. Your representative will then seek to have your meeting postponed until your valid medical certificate has concluded.


What if my GP doesn’t have availability before my meeting?

If your health prevents you from attending a workplace directed meeting and you are unable to book an appointment with your GP prior to your scheduled time, you will need to make an appointment for the next available time and inform your representatives immediately.

After you have seen your GP, you will still need to provide your employer with medical evidence and seek an alternative time after your medical certificate has concluded.

Undoubtedly, this situation has been incredibly stressful and the volume of people in similar situations to yours means that it’s difficult to seek advice or support from your representatives instantly.

How to contact us to let us know that you’re unable to attend due to an illness?

With the high demand on our services at this time it is important that you email us in a way that will allow us to action your correspondence within any deadlines. To ensure this happens, please follow the steps below:



[Job Number] [Full Name] Unable to attend workplace meeting [date] [time]


‘I am unable to attend my workplace meeting on [date] at [time] with [employer name] due to [reason]. Please find attached [evidence] which states I am unable to attend due to [reason] between [date] and [date]. I [have/have not] contacted my employer regarding this.