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The Forum is hosted by an expert panel discussing the current issues nurses, midwives and healthcare workers face in regards to bullying behaviour in the workplace and how to deal with it.

Structure of panel:

  • Opening speech
  • Speakers will each say their parts
  • Key questions asked by nurses will be answered from a previous panel on bullying 
  • Q&A & opportunity to express stories

Speaker Content;

  • Defining what bullying is and what your rights are.
  • What is unreasonable management action (If managers are being accused of bullying, where is the line of bullying and performance management?)
  • How do you performance manage someone, not as a punitive issue, professional guidelines.
  • Answers to key questions from a previous bullying panel.

Meet our expert speaking panel:

Questions and Answers

1. Will we be able to ask the nurses, professionals and legal expertise questions?  Absolutely, we want this to be an interactive experience where questions can be asked and answered. You will also have the opportunity to share any stories you may have from your own experience. 

2. How long will the webinar go for? The webinar will go for approximately 1 hour, however we have allowed time for it to go over this as we are expecting quite a few questions. 

3. Will I receive CPD points for attending? Yes, once you have registered you will receive an email containing a link to the recording, and a form for your CPD Certificate.




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Support when you need it: NPAQ provides professional indemnity insurance, along with personalised advice and legal assistance, to quickly resolve any workplace issues.

Lower fees without the politics: Not one cent of your hard-earned membership money goes to any political party or cause. 100% goes to providing protection and advancement to you and your profession.

improved working conditions: NPAQ helps and advises working nurses to openly negotiate enterprise agreements, with a focus on practical outcomes in each workplace.

Putting Nurses' interests first: Focusing on patient care – not on paperwork. By reducing administration, we aim to let nurses ‘nurse again’.

Any savings should be passed on as pay rises to nurses not funding administration/HR.

A choice in representation: Only nurses – not the government nor your employer – should choose who represents and protects nurses.

This means all NPAQ nurses – not union officials – have a real say in the running of the health system.

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