Are you a union?

Our organisations were trade unions and were fighting to be trade unions in the courts until the Queensland Government corruptly changed the law.

This meant that we needed to restructure and become a company limited by guarantee (by becoming a federal non-for-profit organisation).

Although this change meant that we had to drop the title of "trade union", we still offer almost exactly the same (and we believe better) services to competitor trade unions. We fight for members in the media and guarantees the legal protection (representation in the Fair Work Commission, Human Rights Commission etc), professional indemnity insurance, Professional Development (optional), enterprise bargaining and more that you expect!

What's most important, is that you remain completely protected. We may have been forced to restructure by the Queensland Government, but you remain protected by a series of associations, incorporated societies and law firms which form part of your Red Union Support Hub subscription.

Read more about our new structure here: https://[your association]

We pride ourselves on being run by professionals, not union officials or bureaucrats and will never donate any of your money to politicians or their parties. 

For protection without the politics, join a Red Union instead of a trade union.