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IWUA Case Win #1315: Underpayment Resolved

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A Victorian member of IWUA identified that they were being underpaid shortly before their employment was terminated from an auto repair shop in Melbourne. This can be a difficult and stressful situation for anyone to be in, as not only are they losing their job, but they are also being denied the money they are entitled to.

The member reached out to IWUA for assistance, and was assigned a case manager who worked closely with the member to gather evidence of the underpayment. They reviewed the member's payslips, time records, and other relevant documents to determine the extent of the underpayment. They also consulted with relevant experts to understand the applicable laws and regulations related to pay and conditions.

With this information, the case manager was able to negotiate with the employer on the member's behalf. Through a series of discussions, the case manager was able to secure an underpayment of $12,100 for the member. This substantial amount of money will help the member financially during this difficult time.

By providing legal representation and support, the case manager helped the member to achieve a fair outcome and secure the compensation they were entitled to. It helped them to move on with their life with a sense of justice and closure.

If you are a member of IWUA and suspect you are being underpaid please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on (07) 3497 5071 - hotline@iwua.asn.au

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